Building Advanced Society through Integrated Community (BASIC) Development Foundation is a non-profitable, non-political & non-governmental Organization which came into existence in wake of multiple issues arisen in the society in lieu of human advancements. It ascribes its inception in the vindication of these complexities for a sustainable human development. Meanwhile some social activists came up with an initiative to set up a platform which provides elucidation of whole confrontations faced by under-privileged segments of the society. First and foremost cause of this step was to devise a model framework for establishing sustainable livelihood among the affected people of Pakistan in general and Sindh in specific. Read More
Disaster Risk Reduction contributing to Sustainable Agriculture in Disaster prone areas of Pakistan - Supported by MISEREOR Germany
800 farming families will be benefited by an objective change in traditional patterns of agricultural farming. These people will be facilitated as they can be enabled to reduce the risks of impending natural calamities owing to current climate changes across the globe. This project is implemented so that the farmers can decrease extra expenses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by replacing it with green manure, inter-cropping and other organic practices at some extent. Replicating these methods will enhance sustainable livelihood among these agrarian families and spread these useful practices in other farmers.
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Rilli Craftswomen Economic Development through Skill Development in District Jamshoro- Supported by CDP Govt of Sindh.
Training of 200 home based women workers of 10 villages of Union Council Manjhand Taluka Manjhand, District Jamshoro on value addition in Rilli craft for making it marketable and discovering new horizons of demand in mainstream business from indigenously developed articles made from threads and cloths by putting these products in exhibitions and public fairs. Apart from these 200 trained women a number of other women will be benefited by these artisans through coordination and knowledge dissemination.
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Shelter support for the rehabilitation of the flood (2010-11-12) affected families- Supported by OPP-RTI.
300 flood affected families of Union Council Faridabad of Taluka Mehar District Dadu, were rehabilitated to normal state through instant response to them in times of emergency. The intensive disaster put the people into miseries and complexities where this initiative proved as a source of sigh and consolation when they recovered abruptly from the troublesome. The families hit by the calamity got shelter and were brought to their normal business with support of this rehabilitation act. OPP-RTI has supported for this project
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Village Mapping-Self Initiative by BASIC Development Foundation
Self-initiatives are considered as a back bone of an indigenous organization. To work for the betterment of the people of its intervened area despiteits limited resources has remained the unique characteristic of the BASIC DF. In this regard of Village Mapping under the head of Livelihood program is initiated by the organization with community participation whereby the maps of the targeted villages are made in first stage. It indicates the socio-economic condition of the selected village in different aspects. There are prepared various copies of these maps consisting of livelihood situation as well as the infrastructure in that village. Livelihood includes income level, employment rate, livestock and agricultural resources, health and education level etc. of the targeted community.
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General Food Distribution 2012-13 (in district Kandhkot Kashmore) - Supported by UN-WFP
31,113 families got food packages in times of flood. The food included wheat flour, cooking oil, yellow split peas, plumpy doze, supplementary plumpy, salt, high energy biscuits, Acha Mum (children diet) and WSB (Dalya for pregnant women). The affected people were feed when they were in dire need especially pregnant women and infant children became the main beneficiaries of this project. UN-WFP has supported for this project.
Provide support to flood affected families (Agriculture and Livestock interest-free loan
With support of Orangi Pilot Project-Orangi Charitable Trust (OPP-OCT) BASIC DF has been executed project in District Dadu to support  421 farming families (199 women livestock holders and 222 small land owners) were given interest-free loans to carry out their agricultural activities and bread their livestock without paying heavy interest to the opportunist money-lenders. This activity boosted the agriculture and gave the livestock a sustainable path during a tragic period. It led people to increase their income and retain a strong resilience. The back donor was MISEREOR Germany.  
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